Building Images for VirtualBox


The image is built using Oracle VM VirtualBox hypervisor.

Installing VirtualBox package

Oracle VirtualBox install instructions and packages are available at the official page.

Building Images


The build prerequisites for using image-builder for building vbox images are managed by running:

cd image-builder/images/capi
make deps-vbox

Generating a VirtualBox image

Only Windows 2019 images are available for VirtualBox hypervisor for now, to build local images for development are made by running:

cd image-builder/images/capi
make build-node-vbox-local-windows-2019

Windows ISO download

This field should point to a Windows evaluation ISO, it can be found at Microsoft Evaluation Center page. Make sure you have the correct Windows Server version.

  "os_iso_url": "file:/path/en_windows_server_2019_x64_dvd_4cb967d8.iso"