Building Images for 3DS OUTSCALE

Prerequisites for 3DS OUTSCALE

  • A Outscale account
  • The Outscale CLI (osc-cli) installed and configured
  • Set environment variables for OSC_ACCESS_TOKEN, for OSC_SECRET_TOKEN and for OSC_REGION

Building Images

The build prerequisites for using image-builder for building Outscale images are managed by running:

make deps-osc

From the images/capi directory, run make build-osc-<OS> where <OS> is the desired operating system. The available choices are listed via make help.


In addition to the configuration found in images/capi/packer/config, the outscale directory includes several JSON files that define the default configuration for the different operating systems.

ubuntu-2004.jsonThe settings for the Ubuntu 20.04 image

You must have your Access Keys. You must have your Account Id. Please set the following enviroement variables before building image:

OSC_SECRET_KEY: Outscale Secret Key
OSC_REGION: Outscale Region
OSC_ACCESS_KEY: Outscale Access Key Id
OSC_ACCOUNT_ID: Outscale Account Id